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Now that the waters have been thoroughly tested with the 2014 Viper Series, how many original Yamaha models will be replaced this year with Yamahas built in Thief River Falls?

It’s no secret the sales of the Viper have been awesome for Yamaha and the company hasn’t seen a sell-out like this on any model for a long time.

We’re pretty sure the Brass are going to be looking for even more ways to increase market share and “whip the pony” to get more focus on Yamaha’s product for the next round.

There are three sleds sitting on the bubble: The Phazer (a new lightweight, stripped down Procross version with the 80-hp twin seems like a possibility), the Nytro (already left in the rearview mirror by the Viper) and the Apex (demand for the Viper has completely overshadowed Yamaha’s traditional flagship).

We also think Yamaha is very interested in getting into the mountain market in a more meaningful way.

A Viper Mountain would be a no-brainer and would open up potential to get into a market that comprises nearly 25-percent of the whole snowmobile marketplace.

Based on our experience riding the 2014 Viper with a 137-inch track, we think a 154-incher or a 162 with the well-balanced 1049 triple could be a pretty competent vertical sled. If it was turbocharged… wow, lets not go there.

There’s one sure thing: Yamaha’s deal with Cat has been an unqualified success. With the exception of only a few Yama-faithful followers who hate the alliance, the results and acceptance from customers has been outstanding.

More models based on the alliance will only amp up the enthusiasm – and the profits!

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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