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Recently, around the clove-scented offices at Supertrax, we’ve been trying to figure out what motivates snowmobilers to buy a new sled.

In our Buyers Guides the last few years we’ve highlighted some sleds we feel are incredible bargains, value priced low to attract customers to dealer showrooms.

The feedback we get from dealers is that these sleds are not in the top half of the sales compared to pricier new models with exotic tech features, costing thousands more. Our question is: Why aren’t more of these sleds selling?

Just to be clear, some examples of the types of sleds we’re talking about are the Indy 600, the MX-Z Sport 600 carb & Renegade, the RSVenture and Cat’s LXR 5000 4-stroke.

Each of these models offers excellent power, state-of-the art suspension compliance and very good standard equipment loads.

Some are a hairsbreadth from market leaders for handling and lightness. All this and their prices are way low, too – and not by just a wee bit. We’re talking four figures in every case.

If these sleds were all in the 60 to 70-hp range we’d just conclude that most buyers aren’t looking for a low-performance or perhaps a fan-cooled snowmobile. However, each of these sleds offers 110 or more liquid-cooled ponies and some have power-to-weight ratios that keep them right in the hunt with the higher priced stuff in their classes.

Even the feature lists are more than adequate. The cheapest, Ski-Doo’s 600 Sport, has full instrumentation, a 1.25-inch track, great windshield and dual runner skis.

The Indy 600, priced a bit higher, makes 125-hp and is also fully equipped – even in its baseline state it has electronic fuel injection.

Yamaha’s Venture tourer relies on old 4-stroke carb technology but rides extremely well, has all the 2-passenger comfort features the new stuff has and its 4-stroke triple is a sweetheart.

One that really awes us is Cat’s ProCross LXR 5000 with the rock solid 1056 Suzuki EFI twin. Not only is this sled jammed with goodies but Cat upgraded the clutches to the new TEAM Rapid Response set this year without jacking the price.

All four are great value and worth looking at… but why aren’t they more popular?

Let us know if you’ve got an answer ’cause we sure don’t.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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