Hay Days Unveilings: Polaris

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600 Monster Motor Stock, Limited Build Sno-X Weapon!

Polaris – who already own the hottest 600 class stock trail engine in the market now have an even hotter 600 “special”.

It’s based on the bottom end of the new 800 trail engine with new jugs, intake and other pieces delivering what we suspect is over 130 HP. Yeah, from a 600!

For sure the motor has, in the words of Polaris engineers, “moved everything to the left” meaning HP and torque curves are now peaking lower in the RPM range producing a stouter, more tractable, yet significantly more powerful 600.

Chassis mods are subtle but effective – focusing on the A-frame IFS and other areas to enhance durability.

Polaris is playing from a position of strength in its Race Dept – literally wiping the floor with the competition last year winning virtually every Pro and Semi-Pro WPSA title.

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