First Ride On The 2010 Polaris Rush

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By: Motorhead Mark Lester

To say that 2010 will be a year to remember in the evolution of snowmobiling would be an understatement.

While many innovations over the years have focused on weight, ergo’s and motor advancements none have broken the conventional barriers and stepped out of the box regarding rear suspension technology.

For 2010 Polaris is breaking that mold and evolving conventional rear snowmobile suspension in a way most haven’t ever dreamed of.

From the ground up the Rush is a different breed sharing only the front suspension, motor and small bits and pieces with its IQ brethren.

Noticeably leaner and sleeker lines distinguish the Rush while the sudden stopping running boards and exoskeletal-like rear suspension links add futuristic appeal.

The Rush is built on a totally new pyramidal design chassis that delivers over 60% more torsional stiffness when compared to the current IQ design.

This added strength is accompanied by far fewer welds and the use of a structural bonding agent that along with rivets and bolts holds the frame together.

Look for the full 2010 Polaris Rush Review in the next issue of Supertrax.

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