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We’ll get right to it. This is the best 800 twin Polaris has ever put in a snowmobile.

This EPA 2012 mill is fast, it’s smooth and there’s almost no smoke emitted either at start-up, idle or when it’s running.

We’ve run it against a couple of E-TEC 800 Ski-Doos we have in our fleet and so far there’s no way to tell which one is quicker.

It’s amazingly close, with one beating the other and vice-versa every time. We’re anxious to get out on some safe lakes to see how the real high speed comparison goes.

This 2-injector 800 is unlike the recent 4-injector mill (2010) that had a strange flat spot in the midrange – none here – and the rough running personality of early 800 Polaris twins is completely gone.

We recommend electric start with this sled as we do with all 800 and larger 2-strokes. A big-incher like this can be a bear to pull over on a cold day.

Polaris has done a great job with the Pro-Ride back end this year and the way the new RUSH rides simply cannot be compared to last year’s version.

We’ve been playing with the compression damping a bit, but right now at this early point of the season, we hesitate to give you any specs on how you should set up this chassis.

Most certainly, there’s less fiddling required and perhaps none required at all if your riding style and weight are the right fit for the factory settings.

We’re very impressed with this sled and we’ve been benchmarking it against the TNT 800 E-TEC Ski-Doo. So far it seems to be every bit its equal. We’ll be posting more as winter deepens.

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