First Impressions: Polaris

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Stuff We Learned While Riding Snowmobiles Instead of Sitting At Our Desks

By: Motorhead Mark

I’m telling you the truth, that 600 CFI is stupid fast. All of us are just shocked at the way the thing hauls. It makes us wonder just how fast can a 600 get? The CFI will raise the bar this year and everyone will have to respond.

Couldn’t help but think as I was railing the IQ yesterday – holding it wide open, backing into turns and throttle drifting on the way out – it was almost sexual (I said almost) – why anyone would need more power. I know, stupid thought.

Had a chance to ride this weekend (180 miles actually) and I am very impressed with the both the 600 CFI IQ and the FST Cruiser.

The IQ six CFI is unbelievably fast. Man, this thing makes other 600’s feel downright slow. Handling is so much like an Indy (totally controlled up front with 100% positive bite, and it just will not understeer.

The ergos with the fixed handlepole are perfect for me. Liked everything about it. There’s something very Indy-like in the profile of the new hood/belly. The thing looks sweet.

Love the weight transfer – it lifts the skis when you whack it at 40 MPH – if there’s traction. Can’t wait to see the fuel economy – seemed pretty good but I haven’t topped up yet.

The FST is so much better than last year you would think it was a completely different engine package. The big end is now impressive and this was a 136 Cruiser!

At 50 MPH the thing gets angry at the world and pulls like a tractor right past 90 per. Sweet. Much better running in warm air as well.

Quality of finish underhood is vastly improved as is the entire IQ body/trim package on both sleds. The FST didn’t BB-Q my right foot either. Can’t wait to squeeze the Dragon.

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