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Here’s a light rundown of our impressions on the 2007 sleds we’ve been racking miles on this winter.

Our expectations for this sled were admittedly high and the new Attak GT has completely exceeded them. It exudes quality, performs impressively and rides like the Pillsbury Dough Boy is strapped inside the skid.

The electric adjustable Ohlins rear shock is responsive to on-the-fly tweaks while its front SOQI clickers are great for dialing in bump and handling response.

Also, we think the Attak may be the prettiest piece we’ve ever laid eyes on – but that’s just our personal feeling.

A 136-inch footprint lets the track get up and run hard on Kevlar Lake while bridging moguls in a way only a crossover sled can.

Its 150 4-stroke ponies are more than adequate for either lake honing or brisk trail carving and, get this, the Attak has as much and more under thumb than the new 1000 Cats.

Economy appears as good as last year’s Apex 121, regularly over 18mpg.

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