FIRST IMPRESSION: Polaris IQ 700 Dragon

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Here’s a light rundown of our impressions on the 2007 sleds we’ve been racking miles on this winter.

There isn’t anything sweeter than a modern-day Indy. The 700 Dragon captures eveything we could dream from the IQ chassis and more.

This CFI mill rips, producing serious grunt when you lead-thumb it. The odd burble both the 600 and 700 CFI mills produce when the second injector hits is smoothed by tipping-in progressively.

Although not as smooth as an SDI Ski-Doo, the CFI’s hauls donkey way, way harder.

We were wondering if Walker Evans shocks would ever be shipped from Roseau with a plush valve code. These are perfect and are easy to adjust and come set up like a ditch banger should be: reasonably plush at low settings with firmness just a few clicker turns away.

Overall appearance of the Dragon is flat out cool. The black windshield looks mean paired with the black hood and EuroCal bloodshot embossed eyes.

Our only gripe is the triangular foam wedge called the seat. It can be somewhat intrusive on the loins after a long ride.

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