Does Polaris Have A Remote Adjustable RUSH?

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Ski-Doo has scored a big hit with its rMotion skidframe, especially the one with the remote preload and dampening adjusters mounted on the running boards.

Both rMotion and Polaris’ Pro-Ride are new-generation rising rate skidframes that perform incredibly well, resisting bottoming and delivering unbelievable plushness.

The Pro-Ride is a little more challenging to personalize than the remote rMotion set-up and we’re wondering if Polaris isn’t working on a handlebar-mounted system that allows the rider to fine-tune the suspension on-the-fly.

It seems like snowmobilers respond very positively to this kind of tuning and are willing to pay the extra bucks to get complete adjustability.

Although the Pro-Ride system’s calibration has evolved very nicely to fit a wide range of riders over the past two years, when it comes to rider tuning, it still isn’t as easy to set up as rMotion.

Polaris offered a remote system a decade ago on some of its M-10 equipped sleds and it was a hit. Certainly the downside is adding extra weight.

However, we think the trade-off for the already lightweight RUSH would be worth any extra mass accumulated with a pump and pressure system or extra electronics.

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