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We’ve heard from some 4-stroke fans about our comments on this website concerning the possibility Arctic Cat may have a new 3-cylinder 4-stroke for the chassis they likely will be introducing for 2012.

(See: DOES CAT HAVE ANOTHER 4-STROKE?). We stated: an 1100 to 1200cc 4-stroke triple without a turbo could make power in the 160-plus range.

One hardcore Yamaha fan pointed out the fact that the new Apex generates enormous amounts of power (this year’s dynos at 163-plus) using a mere 1000cc mill and you don’t need more displacement to get big gobs of power and particularly, torque.

We agree. However, you have to acknowledge the fact the whiz-bang technology of the Apex makes it one of the priciest sleds in the business.

True, EPS and EXUP has driven the cost up but what the OEM’s need to build is a 4-stroke with a built-in safety margin.

Okay, before the Yamaha universe gets too unsettled, let me continue. We are fully aware that the Apex is one of the most reliable sleds in the history of the sport.

Unfortunately, the cost to manufacture, from new tooling, a 4-cylinder engine like the Apex’s is way beyond the budget of any of the other sled-builders.

Perhaps a 1000cc triple could get to the 160-hp deadline, but why not use a larger displacement engine like Ski-Doo’s 4-TEC or a new engine in the same displacement range as the current parallel twin Cat is using?

A larger 4-stroke will work less hard to produce power in the hyper range, will still be fuel efficient and can be built for less dollars. Hey, we’re just sayin’.

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