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Centralized Design for More Responsive Handling

  • The centralized design makes the operator the active force and requires less rider effort to corner and carve, giving riders more control than ever before. 
  • The laydown engine design allows for mass centralization.

    Lightweight for Maximum Maneuverability
  • The optimized design with fewer parts utilizes different composite materials, providing a drastic weight reduction for Trail, Crossover, and Mountain, making it one of the lightest platforms available. 
    Durable and Easy to Service
  • The new drive system is belt-driven, unlike the current chain drive, resulting in fewer parts and allowing more power to the track with increased durability. 
  • The plastic panels’ toolless design allows for easy removal and greater access to key components such as the belt, oil reservoir and coolant. 
  • The new seat is easily removable with a quarter turn for easy battery access to.

    Improved Ergonomics for a More Comfortable Ride
  • The ergonomics, coupled with a narrower and centralized design, provides an agile, easily maneuverable sled that minimizes rider fatigue and makes the operator a more confident rider. A more ergonomic design allows the rider to become one with the sled.

    All-New High-End Styling
  • The platform’s aggressive exterior continues Arctic Cat’s heritage of creating state-of-the-art, cutting-edge snowmobiles. Its sleek, aerodynamic, and agile look with a unique LED headlight complements the innovation found inside. 
  • Sliding lap joints provide seamless transitions in plastic for better fit and finish.

    Optimized Suspension and Steering for Different Riding Styles and Segments 
  • Optimized suspension and steering provide use-specific systems based on segment. 
  • The suspension and steering systems are differentiated based on Mountain, Trail and Crossover segments where needed to provide better performance in varying conditions, but commonality was kept where it made sense, so the platform works for all segments.
  • The geometry changes, paired with the new suspension, give the rider a more position-reactive sled and improved cornering for a more confidence-inspiring, agile ride experience. The sled works in tandem with the rider instead of the rider muscling the sled. 

    First Integrated Accessory Mounting System for Added Security
  • Available for the platform is the new ATACH the first integrated accessory mounting system that allows for a quick and easy lockdown. To prevent theft, the system comes with a set of keys that will allow you to physically lock your accessories to your sled.

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