Cat’s 7000 C-TEC 4 with a 137-Inch Track

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The new XF 137 version of the Slide Action 129 actually handles bigger trail bumps more effectively by bridging moguls.

The slide action effect in jigglers is equally effective producing a plush response to this trail annoyance.

Okay, is the Slide Action XF 137 as plush as the benchmark Ski-Doo Renegade rMotion? Yes and no.

The front arm response to chatter is exceptional. We can’t deny this thing vacuums trail trash at any speed.

The rear arm response is where the rMotion is better and we have a suggestion to help Cat improve big bump, rear arm impacts.

The rear arm shock used on all versions of the Slide Action skid (Sno-Pro or LXR) does not offer compression adjustability.

We think adding a rear clicker would be the right move and would allow the rider to dial compression damping in or out while setting the torsion springs to the preferred preload.

The extra weight of the 4-stroke is negligible in this application and trail sensations are superb.

The 1049 turns-in easily, following a linear arc programmed by the pilot’s digits on the sweet hooker-equipped handlebars.

Acceleration is urgent and the inherent torque of this 135-hp 4-stroke extrudes into the bigger 137-inch, 1.25-inch lugged shoe with earnest authority.

When striking off-trail or running untramped lakes, the 1049 uses its extra track length to chew down and then pull up on top of unpacked snow.

Read the rest of this story in the upcoming issue of Supertrax, available this month!

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