Byers Motorsports Lake Geneva ISOC Recap

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For one last time this year, we took the Supertrax, Byers Motorsports, Polaris IQ-R 600 south of the boarder to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for ISOC’s Grand Finale.

We were amazed to see the amount of snow that was at the Grand Geneva resort for the race and the massive, technical 1:20min lap time track that the ISOC crew had built. As well as having a massive track, the event brought in thousands of spectators for the Friday and Saturday night races and had the 2014 snowmobiles on display.

Jamie set out on the track for the first time in Friday’s rainy afternoon practice to get a feel for the sled and track. With the help from Polaris Racings Tom Rager Jr., we made some adjustments to the sled to help with the up-hill drag and heavy snow conditions.

Fortunately the rain cleared up just before the Pro-Lite class races started. Jamie got a good start in Moto 1 but got sideways in the downhill rhythm section and came off the sled finishing 8th.

In Moto 2, he didn’t have the best start but was able to make his way to 6th. With 32 entries in the class, the first race hurt Jamie’s points to make the LCQ.

The temperature cooled and the sun came out for Saturday’s events. In Pro-Lite #2’s Moto 1, Jamie was mid pack on the start and was able to make his way up to 3rd on the downhill rhythm section. On the turn to go up the 3rd hill, Jamie was hit in the corner and pushed off the track and had to fall to the back. Once back on the track he rode hard to a 6th place finish.

In Moto 2, he didn’t get the greatest start but battled to a 5th place finish. Jamie qualified for the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) Saturday night, his Dayco belt hooked up and got him a great holeshot putting him in 3rd down the hill. He was held up at the bottom of the second downhill and fell back to 8th. He was able to make up another position but was just outside the transfer positions finishing 7th.

“I really enjoy coming down to the ISOC Events. It gives our sponsors some exposure out side of Canada and on ISOC’s online live streaming of the races. The tracks are always technical and challenging which I enjoy, I just wish we could have made it into the finals.” said Jamie after the weekend. “This also allowed me to get some more track time before our final two CSRA National Events.”

Our next stop is at Chicopee Ski Resort in Kitchener, Ontario this coming weekend for Round 6 of the CSRA Nationals.

This track has always played into Jamie’s cards as he won his first Semi-Pro Race there and has 3 of 4 podiums at the past 2 Kitchener events.

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