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The Lester Brothers are at it again bickering and arguing about their picks for the annual Supertrax Best In Class Awards!


Hard to not pick this well equipped, powerful and athletic snowmobile as the industry’s value leader. Well, it’s hard for the informed, well balanced and enlightened ones here at Supertrax – not including Kent.

Kent thinks the Indy SP should be equipped just like the Indy XC with Pro CC out back and cool shocks. It somehow escaped Kent the whole idea here is to assemble a competent trail sled with a strict eye to marketing it at a ridiculous price.

Essentially, I have just decoded what snowmobile value should represent – tons of good stuff at a stupid price.

The Indy SP uses a full tunnel chassis with a double-coupled skid dating back to the IQ platform. Ride quality is acceptable but not up to Pro XC or Pro CC standards.

The front clip and bulkhead is from the original Pro Ride chassis and uses Polaris’ incomparable variable castor, double A-arm IFS.

The bones here are not just good – they’re really good. The SP can rail your fave white-top all day and run big lakes with just about any competitive ride.

Handling is intuitive and predictable on smooth or rutted-out trails. The Cleanfire Liberty 600 under the hood is the same engine used in all Polaris 600 sleds and provides competitive power, respectable fuel mileage and excellent, trail-friendly response.

The 600 SP is not as sexy as the AXYS Rush or Indy XC 600 and doesn’t pretend to be. This sled represents a full season of great riding keeping up with all of your riding cronies every inch of the ride – for a price in the US or in Canada that is quite frankly, ridiculous.



Mark, I have to give kudos to you for your insight on this BIC pick. I’m sure you’ve been reading some of my articles and I’m flattered.

You chose intelligently but forgot one important thing: The Indy 600 SP concept was cloned, copied, aped, mimicked and Xeroxed from the Ski-Doo TNT.

Sure, it’s smart to take a popular model and downgrade a few features to get the price lower. Ski-Doo knew that fact years ago when it first offered the TNT.

Here’s a sled with all the “bones” of the most expensive MX-Z models – RAS 3, rMotion, pDrive, E-TEC, 129-inch track and all the goodness of the G4 platform. Stamped it, no erasies, that’s an incredible list of stuff on a completely new snowmobile this year.

Sure, the Indy SP is new – everything except its engine, but how can you overlook the TNT? Not only is its equipment list shouting value with a capital “V” but it flat-out offers its buyers more of what they need and want.

That is specifically what defines value: More goodies, up-to-datedness and reasonable pricing. The TNT is all of that and should be the first choice here.

I’ll be glad to reference some more of my insight in articles I’ve written for the internet called “21 Uses For Vomit” and the “Granola Growers Guide to Harvest Technology” magazine. I know you’re a subscriber.

– Kent

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