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Supertrax Magazine Co-Publishers and Brothers Kent and Mark Lester are at it again bickering and arguing about their picks for the annual Supertrax Best In Class Awards!

WINNER: 2019 Ski-Doo Enduro 600R

The archetypical “trail sled” as we have come to know it is changing as we speak – or at least as each subsequent new model year rolls around.

The exceptionally intelligent Supertrax editorial staff – sans Kent – have tweaked this segment because we feel 600 class, long track sleds are at the core of the trail riding experience.

Making this pick was actually quite easy. It’s the all-new Ski-Doo Enduro 600R taking BIC laurels for this first time award.

The Enduro genre begs to be defined as a trail-riding platform. Its Renegade bloodlines mean 137-inch traction with no pretense of ownership by a nose ringed, lifted Jeep freerider.

This is the mainstream trail experience and with the new 600R underhood producing copious grunt and the new “wide-body” skin up front, the Enduro is ready to shred dizzying amounts of groomed white top.

There’s little question a 137-inch shoe is the right fit for big mile rides. There is also no question the Enduro’s air assisted rMotion is the perfect suspension for this snowmobile.

Ski-Doo gets the nod for breaking new segments on a pretty regular basis and the Enduro is doing just that – redefining the trail snowmobile.

Kent thinks that’s dumb because there’s no BIC slot provided for a turbocharged 300 single in our annual awards.

It was a full-on, carved-from-ash, Louisville Slugger, honest.

– Mark

RUNNER-UP: 2019 Arctic Cat 600 Limited with iACT

Frankly, I don’t remember that baseball bat incident at all. However, I do know you can be fairly careless with blunt objects.

Like the time you launched Dad’s ’59 Chrysler (blunt object) through the end of our garage. You claimed those pushbuttons for the transmission confused you.

Alas, I digress. What’s with the choice of the Enduro 600 over the new Cat Limited iACT? Both sleds are equal in power, handle great and are incredibly well equipped – but iACT is simply the best rider-activated adjustable suspension in the history of our sport.

You can instantly adjust from the handlebars whether you want damping to be soft, medium or firm and it works on both ends of the sled simultaneously (Mark, that big word means “at once”).

iACT is a precursor for what is likely to come in the future – fully active suspension. Jot this down in your diary, Mark. “iACT will open the door to one of the most revolutionary occurrences in snowmobiling and the year was 2019, the sled was the ProCross Cat.”

Too bad you missed your chance.

– Kent

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