Are Snowmobilers Just a Bunch of Suckers?

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You’re fully aware by now of the snowmobile industry’s huge investment the last eight years in conforming to EPA requirements for exhaust emissions.

The manufacturers have done an outstanding job of leaping through government hoops to get snowmobiles cleaned up to unprecedented levels.

Legislation that once spelled the end of the 2-stroke engine, because of incredible innovation like SDI and direct injection, has guaranteed the longevity of the 2-stroke for many more years. This has been at considerable expense to both the OEM and the consumer (have you noticed sleds are more expensive? Nah.).

Here’s the rub: Despite the fact the snowmobile industry has done everything possible to conform to every wish of the green politicos, the next thing coming is an increase in ethanol content in fuel from 10 percent to 15 percent.

Actually, the longer-term goal is to have ethanol levels boosted to 50 percent. As of yet there has been little or no government investment in studying the destructive effects this will have on engine and fuel transmission components in virtually every vehicle made prior to 2010.

The greenies are pushing for this and it could mean you’ll be paying severe costs to convert or repair your sled in the too-near future.

Check out to find out more! Get informed – this is important!

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