Arctic Cat F-8 & Sno-Pro

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Highs: The perfect balance of power and handling in the all-new F-Chassis.

Eye-popping thrust, sinewy feel in the twisties, precise control in the whoops.

Throw in knock sensor sophistication and economy. Superb suspension compliance and floating front arm trickery. Touchy-feely finish quality. This just might be the maximum Eff.

Lows: There’s a bundle at stake with so much new tech here. TRF better get these things screwed together right.

What? Where’s all that cheap Firecat plastic under the handlebars?

Bottom Line: This is likely the sweetest new F-Chassis rooster for ’07. Mind bending power for an 800. Economy should be good. Remember when AC was known for ride, handling, power and style? It’s all back.

One run through the bumps with the seat raised and the bars up and you’re hooked for good.

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