We’ve scanned the sales brochures looking for the best deals in new sleds and have come up with the four best equipped full-sized sleds at bargain prices.

These sleds all fall very close to one another in standard equipment and power output – and their prices are very low – and close to one another.

ARCTIC CAT BLAST ZR 4000 ($7,695.00 US)

The 7/8 sized Blast features a reed valve 397cc liquid cooled, counterbalanced single with EFI, CVTech clutching, wide spaced A-arm front end and adult-sized ergonomics.

The track is definitely downsized at 114 wide by 121-inches long but handling is very crisp and light-feeling. The sled feels nimble and easy-to-ride both in powder and on trails. Reverse and electric start are standard but there’s no swaybar up front. Cat claims the BLAST makes 65-hp and we wouldn’t disagree.

POLARIS 550 INDY 121 ($7,899.00 US)

This steadfast Indy isn’t the latest-and-greatest but does a good job with the now-three-generation-old Indy Pro-Ride chassis. Power comes from a 65-hp twin carbed 550 fan-cooled twin using CVTech clutches (Invance secondary). Track is a full-width (15-inch), 121-incher with one-inch lugs and the 550 has Ryde FX MPV shocks all around. A bonus with the 550 Indy is its fully coupled skidframe – and it does produce a very good ride for a sled in this price range. Handling comes from the non-parallel A-arm design Polaris has perfected and there is a swaybar.

YAMAHA VENOM ($7,999.00 US)

Since we’re all pretty aware the Venom is the mirror image of the 65-hp Arctic Cat BLAST, we don’t need to go into too much detail. Needless to say, the big news on this sled is the fact it is a 2-stroke Yamaha and balances out Yamaha’s product line with a nice mix of both 2 and 4-strokes.

SKI DOO MX-Z SPORT 600 EFI ($8,649.00 US)

Yes, this is the most expensive sled in this comparo, but it also offers the most goodies of the four. First, at 85-hp, its liquid cooled 600cc EFI twin makes 20-hp more than any of its competition and it uses a full 129 x 15 x 1.25-inch track.

Reverse and electric start are standard but the skidframe is not coupled. The Sport offers a good selection of comfort and convenience features and its extra power makes it much more comfortable running with more powerful sleds on lakes and other wide-open spaces.

The biggest news is this: You don’t have to give up much to own a sled in this group – and pricing puts you right in the hunt with late model used sleds you’d be shopping for without full factory warranties.

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