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Who would have thought the newest sled to land from Polaris would have a mountain length track that’s 20-inches wide? Not us!

Polaris has completely warped our sensibilities with the intro of the new and formidable Titan 800. The sled is revolutionary from this perspective. This isn’t a fur hat, Carhart wearing rider’s dream. This is everybody’s workhorse/sport-ute.

The new Titan comes in three models – Titan Adventure, Titan SP and a really cool Titan XC version. The 20-inch by 155 track has varying lug lengths but puts down a footprint allowing for not just unstoppable flotation but Euclid level pulling power.

A really slick F-N-R Hi-Lo range sub tranny provides enough torque to pull a fish house off any lake under any conditions – short of open water.

The Adventure we like best comes with a full-on passenger king/queen seat with heated amenities. This is an amazingly comfortable two up ride.

Here’s the beef – no apologies are necessary when riding with your group – the 800 Liberty HO CleanFire is belting out 160 ponies and is capable of achieving an amazing 101 MPH top speed. Essentially, move over, the Titan is coming.

Walker Evans clickers are included and – you better sit down for this – ride quality in jigglers, stutters and moguls is at the top of the industry – the sled simply mows moguls.

If you’re like us, this was not what you were expecting. However we are and remain pleasantly surprised with the new Titan.

Another new Polarii we were pretty sure would arrive – did just that. The 2018 Switchback XCR is just as serious as the 120 inch XCR using virtually identical suspension components and based off the low slung, corner carving Pro-S architecture.

The 137 incher out back does exactly what you would expect – it bridges moguls and bites hard, delivering better traction and resultant acceleration.

Keep in mind, those Walker clickers are valved for competition use – this is a serious, XC race ready ride. One addition for 2018 that will be welcomed by XCR buyers is available e-start.

Last year’s hit – the RMK SKS returns with a 146 inch sneaker out back and instantly becomes a more credible flatland boon docker capable of running trails when called upon. The SKS is quickly becoming a paradigm shifter with free riders.

Finally – Polaris and Timbersled pretty much blew everyone away with the intro of the all-new, Timbersled Aro. Forget everything about the current Timbersled chassis as the new Aro is lighter, lower, more efficient and way easier to install on your dirt bike.

There’s also a new ski that makes hardpack riding exponentially more stable. We think Polaris and Timbersled are just scratching the surface with this Snow Bike thing. Stay tuned.

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