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Arctic Cat has taken a different line of attack than the Polaris Titan and offers a new line of sleds, slightly smaller than the steadfast Bearcat, called Norseman.

The Norseman is intended to bridge the gap for riders who occasionally need utility function from their sled but also want to have fun off-trail on a regular basis.

Offered in two versions, the 3000 Norseman, powered by a Kymco EFI 4-stroke twin and the Norseman 6000, using Cat’s slot-injected 600 2-stroke twin with TEAM primary (600 only) and secondary clutches, are both built on the ProCross chassis with Cat’s latest and very svelte quick-remove bodywork.

The Norseman doesn’t use a dual range tranny – leaving that technology to the more utility-driven (and heavier) Bearcat.

The 6000 does, however have a fully articulated 154-inch Cobra track, 15-inches wide with 1.6-inch lugs. Considering the sled’s lightness this track length and track type provide incredible floatation in powder and serious bite when hauling or towing stuff.

We were impressed with the 600’s agile trail manners and its ability to go almost anywhere in powder. The CTEC2 600 is a great engine and really all you need but we fully expect Cat to respond with its new 800 DSI in the near future to compete for showroom props against the Polaris Titans and Ski-Doo’s Expedition Extreme.

As it is, this overachiever will give you everything you need both as a workhorse and a powder sled.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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