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In a week or so we’ll know what Ski-Doo has up its sleeves for 2016 and we’ll be sworn to secrecy to not report anything for a month or two.

Right now is a good opportunity for us to get our wish list out to you and see how close we’ve come to being correct.

First, we think Ski-Doo is way overdue to make some changes to its highest performance 4-stroke line-up. Yes, we’re talking 4-TEC.

The XR chassis is getting long in the tooth and even the hardest of the hardcore Ski-Doo faithful are screaming for a re-do of this platform. Some owners are on their third or fourth version of the same thing and are ready to jump ship to Yamaha or Cat.

The very least required is a switch-up to a more XS-like rendition with more ponies and less throttle lag. Hey, how about a 128-inch track for more MX-Z flotation and some bulkhead changes for more strength?

When it comes to 2-strokes, we’d love to see a horsepower increase for the E-TEC 800. We think customers will drive this change because plain and simple, Ski-Doo riders are getting beaten on the lakes this year. Maybe an 850 E-TEC would change-up the game.

The GSX line-up is due for some rethinking and this will come in line with changes to the XR and the Ski-Doo engine line-up. We think more comfort and convenience features like updated dash electronics and stronger headlights will be part of a revamp.

Last, something with a turbo or a supercharger would re-establish Ski-Doo’s performance dominance. Since the company is the industry leader with huge market share, it needs to be leading in the performance category. Right now it’s sitting firmly in third place.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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