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If you’ve been around Ski-Doos a couple of decades, you’ll remember the Blizzard monicker with warm and fuzzy vibes.

For 2016 Ski-Doo has revived the nameplate with a menu of new-for-2016 features.

The Blizzard is available with choices of 600 and 800cc E-TEC 2-strokes and 900 ACE and 1170cc 4-TEC 4-stroke triples.

All Blizzards, regardless of whether they’re 2-stroke or 4-stroke powered use the XS bodywork but the 1170 has its own unique side fenders to accommodate the 4-TEC’s larger muffler.

The 4-TEC uses iTC (intelligent throttle control) and we were very pleased with its performance and riding manners when we rode it a few weeks ago.

Also included in the Blizzard model list is the new factory-studded 129-inch Ice-Ripper XT (1.25-inches) track wrapped around a fully coupled rMotion skid.

Rebuildable HPG-Plus non-reservoir gas shocks are used front and rear.

Handling is very good, not only because of RAS 2 but also because of the new Pilot TS adjustable skis included with the Blizzard.

Electric start and reverse are standard issue on all Blizzards.

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