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We’ve recently published information on this website and in Supertrax magazine that is inaccurate concerning the availability of the new RAS 2 front end being available for certain XR-Series Ski-Doo’s this season.

The good news is it was actually you, our readers and viewers who pointed out the error and we have to commend you for your scrutiny of the articles we write. We’re prepared to eat crow.

We’ve checked and verified the following info right from corporate Ski-Doo and want to set the record straight.

We had stated that across the board, the 1170 4-TEC production Ski-Doos using the XR platform would not be receiving the RAS 2 front end for 2015. This was both right and wrong: 2015 X-Series and TNT versions of the MX-Z XR do in fact come delivered from the factory with RAS 2. Same goes with Renegade X’s and Adrenaline XR models with the big 4-stroke.

However, the following XR-series models do not come with RAS 2: The GSX SE, Grand Touring nor does the XS Freeride.

When it comes to the RAS 2 factory update kits recently made available from Ski-Doo, they are only available for XS and XP Ski-Doos with 2-stroke engines.

At this date there is no RAS 2 kit specifically calibrated for XR models. Ski-Doo is still testing these upgrade kits for the 4-TEC 4-stroke XRs and there are no factory authorized kits for XRs on the shelves for sale – yet.

Apparently the issue has to do with spring calibration dealing with the extra 60 or so pounds of 4-stroke weight over the skis. Some of our readers have told us you merely buy the kit and use your stock coil-over springs instead of the ones in the kit with the new front-end parts. Ski-Doo made it clear to us this was not a factory authorized method and did not endorse it.

There you have it. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. No excuses, we screwed up!

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