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Although we couldn’t possibly provide feedback on every new Arctic Cat sled we rode in Montana a few weeks ago, we can cover our impressions of two of the newest models we actually had seat time on.

The 2015 Arctic Cat Pantera is one amazing sled! One of our test riders, generally inclined toward rather radical riding feats, told us this: “I just wish they could put that suspension in every sled made.”

Our lead photographer informed us: “Whenever we went out onto the hills to shoot, I just grabbed the Pantera and rode it every time. Its handling and ride are so good you can’t believe it and with that 7000 mill, it just rails”.

Generally, everyone agreed this sled sets a new standard for comfort, ride and handling in a 2-up 4-stroke.

Cat’s 600 CTEC-2 in the 2015 Arctic Cat XF is an extremely impressive mill and loves life in the ProCross chassis – particularly in this 137-inch tracked version. This engine sounds great, spools power relentlessly and makes you wonder why you’d ever want an 800.

Cat has recalibrated the rear suspension on the Sno-Pro versions of all its 137-inch sleds and it makes a very nice improvement in stutter compliance.

One comment after riding this sled: “I can’t figure out why this 600 feels so much lighter than even the 800. There’s not that much difference but the sensory feedback says this sled weighs way less.”

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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