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If you’re scanning the brochures looking for a 4-stroke, you might skip over this one completely.

It would be a big mistake to underestimate the 2012 IQ Turbo and the fact it may be considered older technology today doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best sleds in this category.

Snowmobiling is all about impressions from the driver’s seat and that’s precisely where this sled excels.

First, a comment on the IQ platform: Polaris has committed much input and many cubic dollars into its recent RUSH Pro-Ride chassis and it has been an unqualified success.

However, we can’t think of any other situation where a good new model has displaced a former model that is still as close to the top of the business when comparing handling and ride as the IQ is.

Are we saying the IQ is a better chassis? No. We’re saying Polaris dealt itself a very big challenge trying to improve on the IQ.

If you’ve ever ridden a Shift with a 2-stroke or an IQ-based 2-up tourer, it’s tough to convince yourself a snowmobile platform can work any better.

Such is the case with the IQ Turbo. Its 750cc euro-built Weber 4-stroke twin hooked up to a proven turbocharger system makes 140-horsepower and when spun through Polaris clutches (roller secondary), delivers hypersled-level power to the snow.

Polaris uses an “overboost” mapping program so that an extra 20 or so ponies are released for the first four seconds you squeeze the throttle to the max.

This gives you an output of about 160 hp when you want it most – off the line or when you dip into the gas at mid-range up to top speed.

One of the things we still love about the IQ is its ergonomics. The IQ Turbo is comfortable, warm and allows easy weight shifts at all speeds. You can ride it standing or sitting and still be comfortable.

You won’t read much about this sled’s strong points – actually, you won’t read much about it at all this year. However, we think it’s a great sled and a 4-stroke that deserves recognition.

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