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A ten-year-old sled, if you can find a really good one, represents good value and can provide comfort and reliability at a fraction of the price of a new sled. If you’re looking for used iron, here’s a few suggestions in no particular order:

The GSX was a tamed-down version of the MX-Z with less sophisticated shocks and, in 2009, offered choices of both 600 E-TEC power and a 4-TEC 1170cc 4-stroke.

We like the GSX as a used sled because of the type of owner who bought one. Since this was not regarded as an all-out performance model, chances are these sleds may have led an easier life than some MX-Zs and Renegades.

The truth is, however, except for shocks and aesthetics, the GSX is an MX-Z in nearly every imaginable way. The 600 was built on the super-light XP platform and the 4-TEC used a modified, slightly wider XR chassis to accommodate its big-inch 4-stroke.

This brings up another good point: That 1170cc 4-stroke was the largest engine put in a snowmobile (still is) and that probably means there might have been less stress than on a smaller one. This 4-stroke has proven to be durable and is a versatile, fun sled to own – especially if you’re a trail rider.

Some considerations:

1. The 4-TECs had annoying throttle lag that takes some getting used to. Once you’re onto it, though, it’s not much of a concern.

2. Beyond 10,000 miles the 600 E-TEC may need a bottom end refreshing because of the sealed, grease-lubed bearings in the crankcase. Pricey, but many 600s go well beyond 10,000 miles without it.

We give the 4-stroke GSX LTD a 4.5 out of 5 and the E-TEC a 4.

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