2005 Ski-Doo REV 440X:

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Hard to believe this is the veteran racing chassis after only two seasons of use. However, this third version of the incredibly successful 440 REV will have significant updates.

Most noticeable will be the use of the all-new SC-4 skid in a version adapted for racing abuse. SC-4 was used last year on many X-Team Open Mods and, after some early teething, the skid was generally given the thumbs-up by factory riders.

Less transfer reactive in design and definitely biased to front arm bump absorption, the SC-4 relies on an accelerator cam on the front arm shock instead of front to rear coupling to handle impacts.

This change is directed at balancing the sled in the middle (complimenting the inherent centralized mass of the REV) and de-emphasizes the importance of the rear arm. Underhood improvements will include a move to 17 wide chains, beefed and webbed chain cases and possibly a move back to Ski-Doo’s own roller cam racing secondary.

Last year’s use of Team Industries secondary proved to be a calibration nightmare for tuners familiar with the triple roller Ski-Doo secondary. Look for a softer durometer rubber in the track and possibly even a slight backing up of lug height.

The 440 REV has become the benchmark in snocross competition and messing too much with a good thing would be a mistake. We look for reliability and out-of-the-box performance improvements to be at the top of the 440 REV’s strengths this season.

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