There's a new breed of sleds from Arctic Cat and Polaris this year.

To be fair, this genre wasn't invented by either, rather it was begun by Ski-doo with its Expedition Extreme series.

What Cat and Polaris have come up with this year are two models that constitute a pretty good response.

What are we talking about? First, Polaris has just introduced a 2018 line of sport-ute sleds called Titan.

There are three versions: The baseline SP 155, the cross-country focused XC 155 (Fox QS-3's all around with the deepest track) and the Titan Adventure - a dual purpose utility and touring sled.

What makes these new Titans so attractive is the fact they are all powered by Polaris' stellar 800HO 2-stroke Cleanfire twin with TEAM BOSS secondary clutches and dual range sub-trannies and are based on the AXYS front end design.

Traction is provided by a 20-inch-wide track with 1.8-inch lugs (XC), 1.375 (SP) and 1.5 (Adventure). The Adventure also uses trail calibrated QS-3's front and rear while the SP uses IFP gassers all around.

The SP and XC models look for all-the-world like regular crossovers until you start to examine them closely.

It's then you discover these are regular crossovers on steroids. They're big sleds in the 600-lb range but because of their slick drivetrains, can really rip powder and are amazingly agile on trails - very similar to Ski-Doo's 800 E-TEC powered Expedition Extreme.

All Titan models are extremely fun to ride and offer truly impressive and surprising performance with their quick handling, monster grunt and excellent ride quality.