Lanaudiere, Quebec – Runways and Rubdowns

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Year after year the Lanaudiere Region continues to deliver superb trails with excellent signage, plenty of pit stops, warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery around every corner.

It is close to major urban centers (Ottawa and Montreal) and the USA border and manages to get the right amount of white stuff dumped over its endless miles of groomed trails every winter.

Lanaudiere should claim the publishing rights to Self Guided Snowmobile Tours for Idiots. The region’s trail maps are so thorough and easy to follow even city slickers can roam its snow-covered highways with confidence.

Don’t worry about looking too hard for a map either. Every gas station, restaurant and pit stop stockpiles them in the lobby. Several color-coded tours specifying mileage and points of interest plus lodging, restaurants and service centers are mapped out.

Lanaudiere is very security conscious and many hotels have excellent, secure parking for your truck, trailer and snowmobile.

Once you’re on the trail your map can be tucked away as signs clearly point you in the right direction and give distances to key destination points. There’s always a delicious meal waiting for you when you’re ready to call it a day.

The accommodations in this region maintain an inviting French flare but, make no mistake about it, Americans are welcomed with open arms.

In fact the restaurant and hotel industry in Lanaudiere relies largely on American snowmobile tourism and goes out of its way to keep you coming back. Next time you visit Lanaudiere check out the array of plates from NY, PA, OH, MI, VT and Maine.

Many of the hotels (auberges) have professional spas and there’s nothing like a hot tub and personal massage after adding a couple hundred miles to your odometer. The hospitality service in this region needs to be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated.

Since we make a point of visiting Lanaudiere every year we have become experts,on this captivating region of Quebec. If your looking for a snowmobiling experience where you can do it yourself yet feel like you’re world’s away, we assure you, this winter, Lanaudiere memories will last forever.

Written by: Matt Lester

Visit or call 1-800-363-2788 for more information.

Be sure to ask about the following places:

L’Auberge du Lac Taureau 1-877-822-2623
L’Auberge Matawinie 1-800-361-9629
Hotel Montcalm 1-866-424-1333
Spa Thermo-Riviera 1-819-424-1654

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