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For over ten years industry professionals and avid riders worldwide have relied on SURE GRIP snowmobile dollies to handle there tasks at hand.

SURE GRIP continues to ad fetchers to make your snowmobile experience more pleasurable an all new fastening system allowing for a new reverse cable that can be fastened for all terrain backing too!

Also centering the spindle between the four wheels, keeps skis well balanced.

SURE GRIP dollies accommodate all skis such as dual, offset or single runner carbides including Ski-Doo, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha and popular aftermarket skis.

SURE GRIP dollies introduces a new MEGA-WIDE modal to accommodate mountain sleds like Yamaha’s eight inch plus skis and the latest aftermarket super wide Jen II skis from SIMMONS with 10 inch wide skis. SURE GRIPS still fit wide vintage sleds.

SURE GRIP steerable dollies are the useful tool for your shop, trailer or trail. It works like a wheel kit allowing snowmobiles to be easily driven under the snowmobile’s own power.

Each set is complete with the swivel track dolly for non-powered operation allowing you to steer into the tightest spaces or spin 360 degrees!

SURE GRIP DOLLIES’ commercial quality feature 5″ durable rubber wheels with bronze graphite bearings, nylon coated steel safety cables, Solid steel construction made in the USA ensures many years of trouble free use.

This all-season, durable product continually outperforms expectations!

SURE GRIP dollies Retail for just $99.99 and the new MEGA WIDE Retails for $139.99 fully warranted.

Visit the website now at to watch video of the dollies in action!


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