Yamaha’s R&D Nytro Race Sled Exposed

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Boss Racing’s Defending Champion, Robbie Malinoski, and Yuji Nakazawa make their Yamaha debut on the WPSA Power Sports Snowmobile Tour at the Amsoil Duluth National this weekend.

The pair is taking Yamaha’s 4-Stroke Challenge to the race track by campaigning R&D Nytro race sleds in this year’s Pro Open class. The program is the first of its kind in snocross.

“With rumors running rampant about what these two champion racers might be driving this season, we thought we’d do something else unprecedented,” explained Yamaha Race Manager Greg Marier. “We’re going to throw the doors open before race day and tell fans what they can expect to see on the snow at Spirit Mountain.”

First glance at the R&D Nytro race sled will tell fans that this is truly a developmental sled, not a finished and polished machine. The chassis is built to allow the development team to change suspension mounting locations and geometry.

The ergonomics are fully adjustable, giving the drivers the opportunity to provide their feedback on what the ideal should be. Engine mount location has moved around, as the team is field-testing the best location for balance and handling.

Malinoski is excited to get the season started. “I know that the whole year is geared toward R&D, but I’m coming into each race at least to earn a podium finish. The sled has a lot of power already, and we’re not even through first race yet.”

Going into the first race, this is what the R&D Nytro race sled will have onboard. The engine is a Nytro-based, 3-cylinder 973cc 4-stroke powerplant, according to the ISR racing rules.

The front suspension, bulkhead, and side panels are a derivative of the Phazer design. The rear suspension uses a developmental torsion spring design. Current sled weight is equal or less than other mod sleds on the track.

“I am confident we’re going to win some races this winter and really change people’s minds about Yamaha’s 4-stroke sleds,” said Boss Racing Owner Garry Querel. We have seen some amazing technology from Yamaha so far and I am confident that we will meet any challenges head-on and bring home wins on race day!”

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