Yamaha Snowmobilers Pile On The Victories

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Yamaha snowmobile racers stirred up a blizzard of wins in racing competition to cap the summer over the weekend of September 24-25.

At the Northeast Grass Drag Series in Colebrook, New Hampshire, Yamaha machines made short work of the 500-foot long dirt sprint.

Greg Omasta launched his Vector four-stroke triple to a win in the Stock 500 class, then Omasta and Matt Caruthers took wins in the Heavy Stock 700 and Heavy Mod 700 classes, both aboard Yamaha SRX two-strokes.

Meanwhile at the National Snowmobile Racing Association Mid-West Nationals at Grayslake, Illinois, Yamaha riders were laying down still more winning performances.

Under muddy conditions, Randy Stodola dropped the hammer on his RX-1 to take the win in the Stock 600 class, with Pat Hauck bagging second on an Apex. Pat went on to top the Improved Stock 600 class on an RX-1, then won the Improved 800 class on a two-stroke Vmax.

Sunday was even more impressive for Hauck, as he rode his Nytro to a Stock 500 win, followed by Jim Jones on a RS Vector.

Hauck did the deed once again in the Stock 600 class aboard an Apex, this time shadowed by Randy Stodola on a RX-1 – the two swapping positions from the previous day.

Hauck finished out the weekend with a win in the Improved Stock 800 class. One more Yamaha four-stroke – a Vector piloted by Chris Wise – took the win in the Trail Stock 500 class. For this crew of winning Yamaha drivers, winter can wait!

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