Yamaha Handlebar Design With Full-Length Warmers

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Available As Retrofit Kit for 2006!

Just when you thought the industry’s most innovative, high-tech 4-stroke snowmobiles couldn’t get any hotter, Yamaha is announcing a new one-piece hooked handlebar with heating elements that extend full length for the 2007 models. “While the hand grip heating elements on the 2006 models perform as designed,” said Yamaha Snowmobile Product Manager Adam Sylvester. “We have heard many owners’ requests for heated hooks. This new design will give consumers what they want.”

Not only will all 2007 sleds with hooked handlebars get the new heater elements, but Yamaha is also announcing a new genuine factory Handlebar Grip Warmer kit for all 2006 models with hooked handlebars.

The new kit will allow 2006 owners to enjoy the new design on their current sled. The kit, available at Yamaha Dealerships this fall, will include a one-piece handlebar with the full-length heater elements already in place to minimize installation time at the dealership.

The new Handlebar Grip Warmer kit would normally retail for over $130.00 but Yamaha is listing the new handlebar and heaters at an introductory price of just $29.99, plus labor. “We have introduced this kit so that the full-length heating elements and one-piece hooked handlebar can retrofit for those who choose to upgrade any 2006 model that came with handlebar hooks.”

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