Yamaha Factory Snocross Team

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Boss Racing is Yamaha’s official factory-sponsored snocross team on the World PowerSports Association’s 2006-2007 PowerSports Snowmobile Tour.

Within the Yamaha Blue rig’s walls is one of the finest crews of technicians, engineers and coaches, all working to make sure the team’s pair of gifted racers, Robbie Malinoski and Yuji Nakazawa, has the tools to face the 4-stroke challenge.

Boss Racing’s owner Garry Querel and Wayne Ostopowich, have fifty years of snowmobile racing between them and 17 world racing titles already in the trophy case. “Yamaha presented us with a unique challenge to prove Yamaha 4-stroke technology can be competitive in snocross racing”, explains Querel.

“This is not the 4-stroke of old. We have quicker power off the line and the technology we have seen from Yamaha has given us every confidence that Boss Racing will maintain its reputation as a world class team, able to confront the formidable challenges of snocross and win on race day.”

Boss Racing’s lead wrench spinner is no stranger to winning efforts on the track. Garth Gordon spent three years working as crew chief for Blair Morgan Racing and has three World Championships in three different disciplines of snowmobile racing. He is widely regarded as the premier snocross technician.

Yamaha personnel will be working closely with Boss Racing to field this competitive team. Mike Carver is the Yamaha Snocross R&D Coordinator and will be responsible for the product developed for the race track. He has supported seven major race teams over the years, and brings all of that experience and knowledge to Yamaha and the Boss Racing program.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with Robbie, Yuji and the whole team,” said Carver. “I look forward to developing our 4-stroke race sleds to the premier level our two champions deserve.”

Coordinating the snocross team is veteran racer and a Pro Open champion himself, Jesse Strege. Strege has been closely involved in the new 4-stroke race sled’s evolution. “I have been very active with the development of our new 4-stroke race sled in the last few years,” he explains.

“This includes spending a lot of time developing the aggressive ergonomic package with Yamaha’s engineering team. We will pool every resource available to win this year. I am very excited to be a part of it.”

“Yamaha has been very good to work with,” says Querel. “I am confident we’re going to win some races this winter and really change people’s minds about Yamaha’s 4-stroke sleds. Like I said, we have seen some amazing technology from them so far and I am confident that we will meet any challenges head-on and bring home wins on race day!”

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