World Cup Grass Drags Cancelled

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Press Release

Fenwick, ON – After fifteen years of building one of the most prestigious Snowmobile Grass Drag events in North America, Bieda’s Powersports has chosen to call it quits for the 2005 Snowmobile World Cup of Grass Drags. Originally slated for August 20-21, 2005 World Cup promoters Henry and Stephen Bieda had been facing declining returns for the labour intensive and “highly political” event the past few years and simply felt it was time to focus efforts into other ventures.

One of these exciting new ventures was set on course in January 2005 by Stephen Bieda the founder of the Canadian Powersports Dealer Association. Stephen has decided to focus more effort into the building of a long overdue nationwide network of powersports dealers with the mandate of building stronger, better educated and more professional group of dealerships to better meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated powersports consumer.

Other alternative uses for Bieda’s 88 acre powersports park include hosting on an outdoor International ATV expo. “The inconsistent weather patterns which make the sport of snowmobiling a challenge for promoters are not an issue for the ATV market” says Henry Bieda. The ATV industry is thriving and owners can use there ATVs within the Niagara Region unlike a snowmobiles which require considerable travel costs to find snow and annual permit expenditures to access groomed trails. An ATV is no substitute for the adrenaline rush of a snowmobile for the sledhead however an ATV for many owners is more that just a toy, it is also practical tool for plowing snow and working around the yard.

“Snowmobiling has suffered some setbacks in the past several years with industry sales figures steadily dropping due in part to continent wide poor snow conditions” says Stephen Bieda. “Prospective snowmobile drag race sponsors and exhibitors have really tightened their belts because they simply have not been achieving the sales figures necessary to hit their budgets” says Henry Bieda. Conversely, ATV manufacturers and aftermarket accessory suppliers are cropping up everywhere, “this tells me there is a need for an outdoor and International ATV Expo” says Henry Bieda. Bieda’s Powersports Park is an ideal setting for such an event with a built in mud bug pit, a 9.2 acre lake, a motocross practice track and 7 kms of woods trails. The date for the International ATV Expo has not yet been confirmed.

“It has been a tough decision to pull the plug on the Snowmobile World Cup of Grass Drags especially since only once in 15 events had we ever lost money but to continue promoting a stagnant sport such as grass drag racing is something that we just did not feel inspired about anymore” commented Henry Bieda. Henry and Stephen would like to thank all the racers, sponsors and spectators that supported their events over the years and wish them well in their future endeavours.

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