Win A New Polaris Shift 600!

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Make sure you attend “Polaris University” and increase your IQ on Polaris snowmobiles – inside every issue of Supertrax this season.

Check for the blow-in card between the pages of Supertrax, then just fill out the “IQ Test” on the card and take it to your local Polaris dealer to enter!

You can win weekly Pure Polaris prizes and a chance to win one of two Polaris Shift 600s to be given away later this season.

Think you can’t win? Hey, the winners of last year’s Shift Free Ride contest, Jeff Steltzriede and Ryan Currier, are riding their shiny new 2009 Shift 600s right now. The odds are in your favor.

You could be an “Increase Your IQ” winner but you’ll never have a chance to win if you don’t enter.

Here’s something else you can go for. To get a chance to win the weekly Pure Polaris accessory prizes (they’re giving away really good stuff, too), CLICK HERE and fill in the online form.

You can also click the Polaris ‘Increase Your IQ’ banner on this website.

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