Will Polaris/KTM Merger Affect Snowmobile Line Up?

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In a somewhat shocking move, given Polaris denied this could occur in the immediate future when the KTM merger was uncovered a year ago, Polaris ATV division announced production of the “hardest accelerating ATV in the industry” this past summer.

The new ATV is the revolutionary Polaris Outlaw powered by, you guessed it, the most revered 4-stroke dual-purpose engine in the biz. KTM’s explosive 525 twin cammer has been shoehorned into the Outlaw’s amazing independently suspended sport chassis.

Does this mean anything for Polaris snowmobiles? Maybe nothing; maybe everything. KTM builds enormously powerful, light 4-stroke mills.

The company’s technical prowess is legendary in the motorcycle industry. Oh, and yes, Polaris builds amazing CVTs. Would it make sense to email the Austrian dudes at KTM and ask them to glue a couple of those 525s side by side?

Shouldn’t be too difficult to ship a 1050cc hybrid mill to Roseau, hang a CVT on it, then slide it into an IQ chassis, should it?

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