Variety Is The Spice of Life

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Mixing two engine technologies together is where Polaris has staked its claim. With Ski-Doo diving head first into clean 2-stroke water and Yamaha with all its eggs in the 4-stroke basket, Polaris has elected to keep its feet on both sides of the fence.

Interestingly, the company’s new clean 755 and 900 2-strokes are not its most profiled models, rather, an EPA compliant, re-invented 600 2-stroke is capturing all the attention.

Both the FST 4-stroke turbo and the lower performance FS work exceptionally well. With 80HP on tap, the FS is targeted at the Polaris dominated 500 class buyer.

Virtually everything Polaris is building this year is in the new and effective IQ chassis. It’s too early to call but we strongly suspect Polaris will keep both engine technologies in its stable in the long term future.

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