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As a result of an extensive selection process initiated by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) during the summer of 2007, the Board of Governors of North America’s largest snowmobile sanctioning entity approved the selection of Supertrax Magazine as its official publication, beginning in July 2008. The announcement came in late November 2007.

Supertrax Publisher, Kent Lester, was thrilled with the OFSC’s determination to work with Supertrax: “My brother Mark and I are no strangers to working with the OFSC and have a deep respect for what this organization’s strong profile in Ontario and across North America. The all-new Go Snowmobiling Magazine will be produced by the same people who publish snowmobiling’s number one rated and circulated title. The same enthusiastic, thought provoking and entertaining content that propelled Supertrax to the top of the snowmobile publishing industry will be featured in every issue of the new Go Snowmobiling Magazine”.

Go Snowmobiling Magazine will be mailed four times a season to current OFSC Trail Permit purchasers and other industry participants.

Adding increased value to an OFSC Trail Permit purchase in 2008/2009 is the addition of Supertrax magazine with all four Go Snowmobiling Magazine mailings.

OFSC Trail Permit purchasers receiving the Go Snowmobiling Magazine will benefit from informative, accurate opinion and reporting on many aspects of the sport in Ontario.

Go Snowmobiling Magazine will have a deliberate focus on what’s happening with the clubs and trails OFSC trail permit purchasers and club members love.

Every current (2007/08) OFSC seasonal trail permit purchaser who signed up for Member Benefits will receive the Go Snowmobiling Magazine and Supertrax Magazine in September 2008.

Look for Go Snowmobiling Magazine at the OFSC’s 2nd Annual Go Snowmobiling Show at the Toronto Congress Centre this September 26-28, 2008 and in your mail box September 2008!

For more information visit the OFSC’s official website at or call 705-739-766. For advertising information in the Supertrax Go Snowmobiling Magazine, call John Arkwright at 705-724-1905.

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