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The Ski-Doo/Dodge Trucks/Supertrax Super Team enjoyed great racing action at a new venue – the Bracebridge Fairgrounds – in the middle of snowmobile country in Central Ontario. Great crowds all weekend made this event exciting for the team as both Matt and Justin railed qualifying with enormous holeshots and impressive scores.

Matt Turner rode superbly on Saturday scoring wins in qualifying rounds for both 440 and Open. His Sean Tilley tuned Ski-Doo’s looked untouchable as Matt consistently ran out front, tripling and doubling on command with finesse and precision.

Matt has been protecting an injured shoulder all season but his on-track performance certainly belies the North Bay, Ontario rider’s injury. When it came time for final round racing on Sunday Matt had a less than satisfying run in Pro 440 holding fourth behind team mate Justin Parnell – scoring fourth at the checkers.

Matt currently sits in second place in National Pro 440 CSRA Championship Snowcross. In Pro Open Matt’s 600cc Mod produced a fluke ignition problem on the starting line – leaving Matt unable to wick up the power and deliver his trademark consistent start or strong finish in this class. Matt stayed on the track to collect as many points as possible.

Justin Parnell continues to mature in CSRA Pro class competition with more poise and confidence every week. This weekend saw Justin struggle somewhat late on Saturday with a scary off in qualifying and some less than strong finishes.

Parnell, quiet and determined, focused his attention on Sunday’s final rounds of qualifying and most importantly, on the Pro 440 and Pro Open Finals. Looking more comfortable on his Sean Tilley tuned Ski-Doo’s than any previous weekend thus far – Justin railed his way to a strong third place finish in Pro 440.

Parnell’s starts are becoming as consistent as team mate Matt Turner’s – an indication the two are establishing an impressive rider dynamic that’s sure to lead to wins as the season wears on.

In Pro Open competition Parnell put qualifying problems behind him, scoring a hard fought and hard earned third at the checkers. That’s a pair of thirds for the CSRA’s hottest new Pro rider.

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