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Press Release –

This past winter has proven to be a good year for the snowmobile community’s Go Snowmobiling – Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaign.

A number of state and provincial associations have worked closely with the ISMA Grant Program Committee and sponsored exciting events where non-snowmobilers went riding for the first time.

The associations stressed safe snowmobiling training prior to each event and included the local clubs in coordinating the effort.

Club members served as guides and the local clubs prepared the trails so the experience was superb. A number of associations held special Go Snowmobiling events for elected officials and influential community leaders.

In a number of cases, directors of tourism and environment were introduced to snowmobiling and by the end of the day they were all smiling and educated on the proper way to ride a snowmobile.

The members also stressed the importance of snowmobiling to the economy and the fabric of the community.

In addition to working closely with the associations and clubs, the manufacturers have updated the family snowmobiling picture album that is available for all snowmobile organizations to use.

The photos feature family snowmobiling at its best and include newly designed snowmobiles from each manufacturer. The photos are available for use in the updating of snowmobile trail maps and snowmobiling brochures.

The photos are also available for use by Visitors and Convention Bureaus, Tourism Departments and the general media. They can be reviewed on the web site.

The snowmobile manufacturers are looking to expand their efforts with the snowmobile community in 2009 by inviting non-snowmobilers to enjoy the winter outdoors on a snowmobile.

The manufacturers have joined together in sponsoring the 2009 Manufacturers Spring Sneak Peak show schedule.

The show format allows customers to view and touch the new snowmobiles from the manufacturers all in the same room. Snowmobile shopping has never been better!

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