Saving Yellowstone for The Children

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A broad coalition of concerned citizens, outdoor recreationists, and brave members of the United States Congress joined with snowmobilers to save the very special place, Yellowstone National Park.

With teh recent vote in the House of Representatives of 198 YES to 224 NO, the effort by Congressman Holt (NJ) to start the incremental closure of Yellowstone National Park was defeated.

Snowmobilers will be able to respectfully visit this wonderful National Park that was set aside for our enjoyment to use, to conserve and to cherish. Most importantly, Snowmobilers are all able to take their children and grandchildren to this wonderful place now and for many years to come.

Snowmobilers, like other recreationists are hard working tax paying middle class Americans who enjoy our magical winters riding a snowmobile. Studies conducted over the years prove that snowmobiles do not negatively impact on the resources in Yellowstone.

4% of all annual visitations to Yellowstone are on a snowmobile, which can only be ridden on the same groomed roads used by cars, buses and trucks in the summer. Over 2 million wheeled vehicles will enter Yellowstone National Park this summer and hopefully that activity will continue.

If the fringe movement of the environmental community would have been successful in closing Yellowstone in the winter, their next target would certainly have been the recreationists who enjoy the campgrounds, the majestic waterfalls and Old Faithful throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

The wildlife in Yellowstone National Park has never been healthier. The warm welcome of recreationists to our national parks, by our National Park Service employees, has never been stronger.

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