SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

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The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge isn’t about racing, it’s about winning! We’ve covered this unique and important competition in Supertrax for all of the 7 years it has been running.

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Clean Snowmobile Challenge was won this year by an engineering team of students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The team used a sled powered by the new Weber/Polaris FS 4-stroke, the identical 750cc engine used in the 2007 FS Touring. This is the same 750cc engine platform the IQ FST turbocharged and intercooled version uses.

The entry took top overall honors and placed first in the all-important emissions category and the team received the coveted Lotus Engineering and Horiba Instruments Award.

Interestingly, the second and third place teams used sleds powered by Polaris FS 4-strokes, too.

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