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Press Release

(Barrie, Ontario-February 7, 2005) The CSRA National Snocross Event held in Barrie this past weekend had an unfortunate mishap as the event took a sad turn for the worst during the Sunday afternoon racing program.

This past weekend’s CSRA National Snocross Event held at the Barrie Event Center had an unfortunate turn of events. During a Pro 440 stock final, the CSRA lost one of our own through an accident that took place during the National finals on Sunday afternoon.

Oliver Polok, “Oli”, a caution flag-man working one of the turns of this weekend’s snow cross course was struck by a sled when a rider came off the sled near the official’s position track side. The un-manned sled struck the official, resulting in him taking the brunt of the hit to the chest. The sheer impact and force of the collision wound up tossing him several feet from his flagging position. On site EMT and emergency medics attended to the incident prior to the injured official being transported to Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

“Oli” who was an experienced staff member, has been with the CSRA for several years, and working the events each weekend was something that he loved to do at every opportunity. Oliver was a fundamental part of the CSRA family and was always a cheerful sole to both the staff and riders alike on the CSRA circuit.

Oli is survived by his mother, sister, and fiancé’ Amanda Martin.
He will be sadly missed and forever remembered by his family, all his friends, fellow workers at CP Rail, and all the CSRA staff, and Racers.

Oli…You will always be in our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Funeral information will be available on the CSRA web site

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