Rebuilding The 4-Stroke Arena

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How does a company achieve leadership status in the 4-stroke arena?

Build an 800 to 1000cc twin cylinder, 4-valve, and lightweight motor with either a supercharger or turbo to crank power beyond the 150 HP level while maintaining lightest-in-class weight.

We’ve heard such a project using an all-new, ultra lightweight chassis, with the motor as a stressed component of the chassis (similar to motorcycles) is in the works.

Such an engine and chassis could be launched in both boosted and normally aspirated configurations.

Perhaps AC has the replacement for the mighty but long-in-the-tooth ZR 900 and another 4-stroke delivering around 100 ponies in a lightest-yet 4-stroke package.

We think the first OEM to build a legitimate performance 4-stroke as good as Yamaha’s iron, but forty to sixty pounds lighter, will mess up the entire marketplace.

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