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Congratulations to Ryan Gnenz for sharing his REACH FOR THE SUMMIT experiences! Ryan picks up the Cyclops GEAR CGX2 4K Wi-Fi Action Camera! A great camera for capturing your experiences!

Ryan writes:

“I have been snowmobiling since day one of my life. My first sled was a 2004 Ski-Doo Mini Z and I probably put 200 hours on it as a child. Then when I was 12 I inherited my grandfather’s 1978 John Deere 440 Liquifier and rode the crap out of that sled for 5 years. Then when it finally had its day about 5 years ago, I found myself a Renagade Sport and rode that to this current date.

Snowmobiling is my life and i love the people and culture that surround it. I ride mostly ride in Northern Alberta Canada, but have had a few mountain experiences. It would be the best experience of my life to go ride with you at CKMP. I have been watching SnowTrax Television since day 1.”

Submit your story, photos and videos at at and you could WIN an all expenses paid mountain riding adventure at CKMP (Carl Kuster Mountain Park) in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

While there you’ll not only enjoy 5 star accommodations, you’ll also get to hang out and ride with Ski-Doo Mountain Ambassadors Carl Kuster, Rob Alford and Tony Jenkins!

The lucky winner will also star alongside Luke and AJ Lester in a feature story on SnowTrax Television and be the focus of an article in Supertrax Magazine.

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