Race Ready: Ski-Doo

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The sheets are off the 2006 limited build snocross iron!

When the original racing REV 440 hit the ground in 2003, Ski-Doo virtually wiped out the competition. Dominance was instantaneous, in a way the sport had not witnessed in the past.

Since 2003, Ski-Doo has continued to enjoy success but racers and tuners have been consistent in their concern over one key issue – the holeshot. It seems every year the REV has received improvements, it has incrementally lost its ability to gain the holeshot.

This year BRP’s race department is crowing very confidently they’ve got it nailed. Almost everything they’ve done to the 440 REV is aimed at the first 100 feet of race track. This year Ski-Doo will use a full 1.75 inch lug track instead of the 1.625/1.725 combo.

A nickel plated pipe will gather and maintain pipe heat – important for 440’s running on $10.00 per gallon race fuel. New electronically triggered Mikuni flatslide Power Jet carbs will take their signal from the engine MPEM (ECU).

Interesting news comes in the form of a pipe heat sensor. This is a breakthrough feature for BRP and will allow the MPEM to add and take away ignition timing in response to pipe temperature during a race. This will keep the pipe hot; something the Rotax 440 has struggled with.

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