Polaris® Introduces New Woodys® Traction Control Products and New PIEPS Avalanche Safety Products

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MINNEAPOLIS (Sept. 8, 2018) – To ensure that Polaris® snowmobilers have the best possible riding experiences, Polaris has introduced several premium new accessories, including outstanding traction control products from industry leader Woody’s®, and avalanche safety technology from PIEPS, a globally respected supplier based in the Austrian Alps.


Among the new Woody’s traction products available through Polaris snowmobile dealers are Woody’s Dooly™ Skags in a choice of two lengths, and the Woody’s Slim Jim® Dooly™ Skags, also available in two lengths.

Woody’s Dooly Skags, available with carbides of 4″ or 6″ in length, provide recreational trail riders with confidence-inspiring control and easier handling on the trails. Each Dooly Skag has two 7/16” Flat-Top® runners with 60º carbides. With its four runners – two parallel runners per ski – the Dooly Skag helps a rider avoid the grooves made by other sleds. Its tucked front end design enhances stability, and pressure is distributed between two points for easier steering than a skag with a single pressure point.

Woody’s Slim Jim Skags reduce darting, like the Dooly, and they deliver more-aggressive cornering. They feature dual runners and are more than 30-percent lighter than the Dooly. Slim Jim Skags have 60º turning carbides in a choice of 4” or 6”.

The new Storm 150 Stud Kits make it easier than ever to stud a Storm 150 track for enhanced traction and control. This kit includes everything you need to stud your track, including studs, nuts, backer plates, track marker, track drill, and template.


Based in the Austrian Alps, PIEPS is recognized worldwide for its outstanding avalanche safety products, and two new PIEPS beacons and an airbag system are now available through Polaris snowmobile dealers.

Made exclusively for Polaris, the PIEPS JetForce SC 20L provides a rider with the latest advances in avalanche airbag technology. It uses the new Alpride E1 airbag system, which is electrically powered by cutting-edge super capacitors. This powerful, fan-based system charges via both a micro USB and AA batteries, and is housed in a 20-liter pack that stores essential avalanche safety equipment as well as the gear used on a day in the backcountry.

The system is compact and simple to use, with a single on/off switch and blinking status indicator lights that can be visibly checked from the outside of the pack while it is being worn.

PIEPS BT Beacons are the ideal complements to the new JetForce SC 20L. The PIEPS Powder BT Beacon is Bluetooth®-enabled so updates can be sent to the transceiver. Its functions include Extensive Self-Check, Auto-Search-To-Send, Auto-Antenna-Switch, and iProbe Support.

The PIEPS Pro BT Beacon includes all features and functions of the Powder BT Beacon, and it also has the Group Check & Scan function.

These products and all other Polaris snowmobile accessories are available from Polaris snowmobile dealers and at www.Polaris.com.

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