Polaris Dominates WPSA Opener!

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Second-year Pro Ross Martin defied any trace of a sophomore jinx by utilizing the superior ride and handling of his Polaris 440 IQ race sleds to earn victories in the Pro Open and Pro Stock classes in the WPSA PowerSports Snowmobile Tour AMSOIL Duluth (MN) National on November 25-26.

Martin, who races for Judnick Motorsports and finished second in Pro Open and Pro Stock points last season, took first in Pro Stock ahead of fellow Polaris racer Mike Schultz (Avalanche Racing), and totally dominated the Pro Open class – finishing first in every round – to earn first place ahead of Polaris racer Levi LaVallee (Hentges Racing).

“It was a great start for me, for Polaris and for our Judnick team,” Martin said. “We’ve got the sled and the determination. Now we want to win consistently.”

The Polaris factory racers’ Polaris 440 IQ race sleds use the innovative, smooth-riding, easy-handling IQ suspension that trail riders can enjoy on their Polaris snowmobiles.

Along with the Pro-class Polaris sweep, Brett Bender of the Hentges Racing team won both Semi-Pro classes and Polaris racers won the weekend’s Pro Women and Sport Open classes. In Pro Open, Pro Stock , Semi-Pro Stock and Sport Open, Polaris racers finished 1-2.

“It was a great way to start the season. You always want to get out of the gate strong, and our racers and teams really showed they were ready to race,” said Polaris Racing Manager Tom Rager, Sr. “To place so many racers in the Pro finals demonstrates our racers are in great shape and even more importantly, thje Polaris 440 IQ is the sled to beat this season.”


Martin finished first in all three rounds of Pro Open qualifying on the Spirit Mountain track in unseasonably warm weather. Martin adjusted to the changing track conditions on his Polaris 440 IQ and led the way for the five Polaris racers in the 15-man final. Along with runner-up LaVallee, the other Polaris finalists and their finishes in Pro Open were: TJ Gulla (Hentges Racing) fourth, Mike Schultz in sixth and Shaun Crapo (Scheuring Speedsports) in 11th.

Martin wasn’t as dominant in Pro Stock, but he placed well in preliminaries and won the final, which featured seven Polaris racers in the 15-sled field. Schultz finished second followed by these Polaris racers: Matt Judnick (Judnick Motorsports) in seventh, Crapo in 10th, Dennis “DJ” Eckstom (Scheuring Speedsports) in 11th, LaVallee in 14th and Gulla in 15th.


Brett Bender was perfect in Semi-Pro Open, winning every time he took to the track, and he also won the Semi-Pro Stock class, where he led a 1-2 Polaris finish as Andrew Johnstad (Avalanche Racing) came in second.

In Semi-Pro Open, five Polaris racers finished in the top 14. Following Bender were: Johnstad in fourth, Tyler Sedlmeier (Cycle Worx) in seventh, Dylan Martin (Judnick Motorsports) in 10th, and Brett Abrahamson (Abe Racing) in 14th.

In Semi-Pro Stock, Bender and Johnstad ran 1-2, Chris Kafka (Hentges racing) came in fifth and Brett Abrahamson was 12th.


Kylie Abrahamson (Abe Racing) won the season opener in the Pro Women’s class and led the way for five Polaris racers in the final. Abrahamson was followed by these Polaris racers: Delene Dippel (Dippel Precision Racing) in eighth, Jennifer Pare in 10th, Ashley Parliament (Par Motorsports) in 11th and Diedra Dippel (Dippel Precision Racing) in 15th.

In Women’s Stock, Polaris racer Kendra Daniel took second, Melanie Acker was third, Katie Acker took fifth and Kristen Leirmoe (PMK Performance) ran sixth.


Matt Bristow (Bristow’s) took first place in Sport Open and also finished fifth in Sport Stock. In Sport Open, Bristow finished ahead of runner-up and fellow Polaris racer Derek Ellis (Rocky Mountain Motorsports). In Sport Stock, Polaris racer Seth Houkom finished third.

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