Phazer’s Success Unanswered

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How about a response to the incredible success of the new Phazer? Other OEM’s have to be looking at the attention the new Phazer has been receiving in showrooms.

According to Yamaha – the Phazer has been selling to new, never-owned-a-sled buyers at a rate three times higher than the industry average.

Furthermore, fully 42% of those who did own a sled and purchased a Phazer came from the competition. Ouch!

However, this one really drills home the point: 44% of those who bought a new Phazer said they wanted a sled for non-traditional use.

The Phazer’s appeal is evident from the data collected in the most recent poll on this website. If you look closely at the numbers, you’ll see that 75% of our participants found the Phazer most appealing.

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